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  • FLUXNET Workshop: The Great Thermal Bake-Off

    A Hands-On Workshop for Enhancing Temperature Measurement Precision and Standardization for Improved Flux Interpretation and Application Workshop Goals:1. Cross-Instrument Comparison & Standardization: Establish and test processing standards for thermal instruments through a field campaign, encompassing preprocessing, installation, and post-processing, to ensure consistency and reliability across devices.2. Build Community Engagement around a ThermalCam Network: Enhance the…

  • Workshop on thermal remote sensing basics

    The SIG is planning on organising an educational workshop on thermal remote sensing. Exact information will be announced as soon as possible, but we are looking for information on what subjects are the most interesting to the community. Please spread the news, we would like to cover deep-dives into several subjects and it should serve…

  • SatVu’s HotSpot-1 satellite fails in orbit

    On 15th December, SatVu announced the sad news that its HotSat-1 satellite has failed in orbit just six months after launch. The spacecraft suffered an “anomaly, which is expected to impact ongoing operations.” The HotSat-1 satellite focused on mapping building heat loss for residential and industrial areas. While only in orbit for a short time,…