Thermal Lens: a podcast series on thermal remote sensing

The podcast series “Thermal Lens” covers all the relevant subjects to the thermal remote sensing community. The podcast is a special series of “Those Space People” podcast, created by Rachana Mamidi.

Graphic by Tommaso Saccà 

The episodes are embedded on the website, with an option for open discussion, questions, and feedback.

Thermal Lens episodes

Land Surface Temperature explained

Mike Perry, research associate at the University of Leicester and expert on Land Surface Temperature explains what this parameter actually is, how to use it, and what the users need to know.

Legacy of ASTER

Michael Abrams, ASTER Science Team Lead in NASA JPL and geologist with 50 years of experience, explains the legacy of the first high-resolution thermal sensor in space reaching 23+ years of operation in orbit.

From traditional space to #NewSpace

Ellis Freedman, a consultant with experience from the Landsat mission describes the differences between small commercial missions emerging in #NewSpace, and large agency missions, such as LSTM.

This is the first part of the two-part episode with Ellis.

Understanding the thermal space-borne imagery

In this episode, we address the differences between missions imaging in visible and thermal spectral ranges, with its implications on imagery and applications. We host again Ellis Freedman, expert in radiometry with experience in different thermal missions.

agricultural fields in thermal imagery

Monitoring plant health from space

This episode of “Thermal Lens” features Charlie Siggs, Commercial Agronomist at constellr. In the episode, we discuss how agronomists work with satellite companies to monitor plant health using thermal imagery.

The impact of directionality on Land Surface Temperature

This episode of “Thermal Lens” features Mary Langsdale, an environmental scientist from Kings College London. In this episode we delve into the challenges of directionality.

Those Space People

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